About Us: Your hosts are Frank and Allison Stahl.

Frank is a native of Ohio, coming from a long line of farmers in the mid-west. Growing up in Westerville, OH, Frank had the desire to design and build his own log cabin. He also wanted to build a farm where his family would have the ability to survive without all the modern conveniences and evils of the modern world. No - we’re not Amish - although do admire many of the hardships they endure keeping true to their faith. Frank has provided the labor and creativity behind the farm, and maintains it daily. Chores for Frank center around keeping the animals and farm in excellent condition.
Allison currently works off the farm for Exel Logistics as a Process Improvement Advisor, providing family income which supplements the farms and has allowed us to expand by purchasing the McKee Rd. and Aspen Rd. farms. In Allison’s long term dreams, the Weston House will become a Bed & Breakfast, and give Allison the ability to really be the "Inn Keeper", while Frank maintains the farming operation.
Our vision of a family farm vacation get away was inspired by our own daughter, and our many friends, who through the years have come to visit, and comment that they wish they’d been more exposed to the rural farming style life. It’s really pleasant, nice, quiet, beautiful, and away from the hustle and bustle most people live with every day.
We really are a working farm - owning a total of 250 acres of the Appalachian foothills on 3 separate farms. We have a herd of about 25 registered shorthorn cattle, which we raise for meat production. We also have a herd of over 60 registered Katahdin sheep - a unique breed of "hair" sheep. Rather than wool production, the sheep we also raised for meat. They shed their winter wool, rather than needing to be sheared.
General Farm Information:
Our farm program is based on Management Intensive Grazing (MIG) with all livestock being fed primarily grass and hay. Our fields are rotationally grazed, with pasture sizes as required to maintain proper weight gains in all of the animals. Grass, especially when managed properly, is an abundant natural resource in central Ohio. We take advantage of season and compatibility of the animals to get the most efficient usage of our grass – keeping cows and sheep together most of the time. Varying plant type, taste and length preferences of the animals allow them to eat companionably side by side without competition. In addition, the cows and horses provide natural predator protection to the much more vulnerable sheep. While this method of herd management is labor intensive, it is ecologically sound, and has a higher potential for profit.
    Our flock of Katahdin sheep is comprised of 3 rams and about 60 ewes. We raise registered, recordable and commercial ewes and rams. Our breeding plan goals are at moderate size, parasite resistance, good mothering capability, lambing ease and consistency for weight gains and weight at weaning. We participate in the National Sheep Improvement Program (NSIP), which allows us to monitor and document our flock improvement, and voluntarily in the Scrapie Flock Certification Program (SFCP). Katahdin sheep are bred for meat production, having a mild flavored meat, and convenient as hair sheep do not need to be sheared. We work in a coop with 2 other Katahdin breeders to improve the overall resistance to parasites by selecting breeding stock from animals demonstrating low Fecal Egg Counts (FECs).

    Our herd consists of about 25 registered American Shorthorn cows. While we currently have one bull, most of our impregnation is done through artificial insemination. As a member of the American Shorthorn Association (ASA), we raise our animals for commercial meat production, not for show. We test our animals through Gene Star for tenderness and marbling. Pure breed animals, again, allow for more consistency in taste and tenderness. Our breeding plan for the Shorthorns aims at moderate size, good weight gains as grass fed animals, good mothering ability and milk production.

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