Spring - I hope soon

We got hit pretty hard this year with snow. Right now there is still snow on the ground, and Frank started separating sheep yesterday for lambing. He’s got them all in little pens, about 4-6 per pen. Makes for more work, but it keeps the sheep gentler when he needs to get in with them for tagging and weighing, and heaven forbid helping! He’s even got so many that they are over flowing the barn into the shed he built on the garage last year. I’m glad we have it. Should be nice for those moms to have fresh air after all the sheep have been in the barn for the last few weeks.

Lambing is coming - the first lambs due about 3/10. Frank says they don’t seem to come early, and we’re hoping the weather will return to something more “normal” while we lamb. Last time we did this in March we lost several babies that just got too cold. Let’s hope we’re better this year, that the weather cooperates, and that the sheep are a bit hardier! Can’t wait to have all the little lambies running around. They’re so adorable.

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