Ah the Joys of Rural Ohio Living

You will never believe the conversation going on at our house this morning. First you have to understand that we live in Rural Ohio, where in spite of the fact that it is 2010, we do not get cell phone coverage. We live within 60 miles of the city of Columbus but in such a low population area of Ohio that there aren’t any nearby cell towers. Verizon has the best coverage out here, but we must drive to the top of a hill (about a mile away) to get enough signal to make and receive calls.

Next you need to understand that we have no cable television, nor do we have city water. There are no cables besides the phone cables that run past our house - and the phone cables are old, and have static in them sometimes. So we have satellite TV and Internet at our houses if we want to connect with the outside world.

So, last night we had a thunderstorm that didn’t sound all that bad, but took out the power! The power at our house blinks every day - how do I know? Well, daily, I must reset the clocks and the message on the answering machine. Anyway, this morning, we awoke to now power in the house - which means - since we are on a well, that we can’t flush the toilets without power to kick the pump on. Well, you can, once! So, I was laying in bed this morning contemplating my options for using the facilities - when low and behold, the power comes back on.

In a rare burst of morning energy - I jumped out of bed, and said, “Does that mean I can flush the toilet now?” I said to my husband. “Yes”, he said. Then, after I used the toilet, when I hit the lever and it flushed I said, “That is just AWSOME.” Hummm, funny rural world we live in.

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