Texting at the Weston House with Teenagers

“This is the worst thing in the world that you can do to a teenager!!!!”, said the 17 year old grand daughter of one of our guests when she discovered that there was no cell phone reception at our house a couple of weeks ago. This week, we have 4 teenagers and a single mom staying with us. I mentioned the quote, and immediately all 4 of them pulled phones from their pockets to see if they had reception. For this bunch, luck is with them, they all had service of at least 1 bar - thank goodness that’s enough to text!

I try to tell people that the house is remote - and that they may not get cell service, because even though this is the 21 century, and Ohio is one of the US’s most populace states (in people/sq mile), we don’t always have service at the rental house. We don’t have it at my house either (in fact it’s actually worse than the rental house), so even though Verizon says, “Can you hear me now?”, they haven’t tried that out here apparently.

I did offer to Verizon a few months ago, the opportunity to put up a cell tower on our third farm. They haven’t responded yet. I think I’ll apply again. Stretch the truth a little, and see if I can get them to come out. My neighbor says you just have to complain enough, and they’ll eventually get you service. I’m not sure about that.

For now, my philosophy is that getting out side and enjoying the great outdoors would be a better use of our teenager’s time. I actually think being without the phone while I’m at home is a peaceful break from the modern super-fast world we live in, and I actually hope that Verizon doesn’t get service out here until after my teenager becomes an adult. I think she’ll be a better person for not always having to be connected to people via the phone. She’s now writing to her friends as I write, “WTF is my mother thinking? LoL. TTFN”

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