Lambing Season is Upon Us

The lambs have been coming in droves…. Not sure exactly what a drove is, but it sounds good anyway. As of yesterday 3/27, we had 59 lambs born. The barn smells very much like sheep, and the lambs are doing well, becoming more like popcorn every day.

This is the first time in awhile that I have been able to be home during the whole lambing season (thanks to sitting on the bench for work - which is a whole other story), and it is amazing to me to see all the little critters. I have been helping Frank this year with the lambs, which I haven’t done much in past years, and it’s an interesting experience. Each morning while we are out doing feed and water, he finds all the lambs that were born the previous evening, and must tag, weigh and record them. He also must make sure he knows which dam is their mother because that is how we track all of their performance statistics.

This year we’ve had a particular challenge with the little buggers crawling away from their moms and getting lost. That really shouldn’t happen, but sometimes when the lambs are strong they do wander. It becomes a bit interesting to try to figure out which mom they belong to. Not so bad if they’ve already been tagged, but quite a bit of a problem if they haven’t been. They don’t just stand up and say, “that’s my mom over there”.

Frank said yesterday we still have about 20 ewes that have yet to lamb, so we expect another 40 or so babies. Ah, the sounds of spring.

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