Year End Summary

We finished 2011 with some highs and some lows.

Highs - We’ve had more satisfied customers this year than ever before. We will finish the year with 42 groups or families having stayed with us. Overall, based upon days, we had a 55% occupancy rate. Our months of July and November were almost completely full. Our average group size is 8 people, and our average stay is 3 nights. (Can you tell that I am a statistician??) We’ve had some really great people come to stay with us, and have shared the farm with a lot of people. Those who choose to come see the farm are about half of the people who stay. All in all, we’ve been really pleased with how happy people are at the house. We’re hoping for another successful year in 2012.

Lows - We did have one unhappy family stay with us. At this point I think they were unhappy because they expected our Holmes County Amish country to be more like Lancaster County PA. Maybe they didn’t expect us to have such a rural farm location in the center of Ohio? We tend to think that most people who come to stay with us are satisfied with the house, and the location and occasional wildlife they see. Afterall, we do advertise that we are a farm and away from it all.

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