Current Events

Winter - January - February
We’ll just be feeding the cows, horses and sheep daily - but you’re welcome to come over and see them

March 2012
We’re looking forward to trying a new farm activity this year - Maple Syrup making. We anticipate doing syrup on the weekends between the last week in Feb and about the middle of March. Our target is about 5-10 gallons of syrup. This will be our first time of trying maple syrup ourselves. Frank has been helping one of the neighbors do syrup for several years. Last year he purchased his own equipment. You’re welcome to come participate in Maple Syrup making.

March 2012
This time of year is also lambing season. We have 59 ewes this year, so are anticipating about 120 lambs. During the month of March you’re likely to see live births, weighing, and tagging of lambs. It’s a great lesson in life - and the joys and struggles of the new moms, the little ones, and the farm.

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