Terms and Conditions of Renting with
Stahl’s Farm Vacations

Your payment of a deposit on the rental house at Stahl’s Farm Vacations is an acceptance of these terms and conditions. Please take the time to read through them.

Working Farm and Rural Location
Understand that we are a working farm and as such there are dangers associated with the location, equipment, facilities and animals on the farm. We are not a petting zoo. Animals can be unpredictable, and can spook or bolt with little provocation. Should you choose to enter our pastures or participate in wagon rides that we provide, you assume the risk of injury. Occasionally fences are electrified, and may shock people and pets. While we make every effort to warn our guests that fences are on, please assume they are on, and act accordingly. Please also be aware of closed and open gates. Should you walk through a gate, please return it to the condition you found it in. (Open gates may be allowing livestock access to water, and closed gates may be keeping livestock in.)

We allow and encourage people to bring their pets to stay with them while vacationing with us. Be aware that because we are a rural area, surrounded by other farms, and Ohio has a leash law, you are required to keep your pet under control at all times. You are responsible for any damage that your dog does to other guests, to property at the rental, or livestock. We do encourage people to walk on our 55 acres, and have provided paths that we mow regularly for that purpose.

We are in a rural location, and while we make every effort to remove pests from the rental house, there may be occasions when you see them outside or inside the house. Please notify us immediately should you see them inside the house and we will attempt to capture or eliminate them. Should you determine that our efforts are insufficient; you can immediately leave, and request reimbursement for any unused portion of your stay cost. We also assume no financial liability if you choose to stay at that point.

We do not assume any liability for animals that you may see or come into contact with outside the house. As a registered farm in Ohio, we do have the right to eliminate animals that are considered to be pests and animals that go after our livestock, however, our philosophy is that many people come to the country specifically to experience wildlife, and therefore we do what we can to co-exist peacefully with the wildlife in the area. Expect to see some wildlife, especially birds, while staying at Stahl’s Farm Vacations.

Credit Cards
A credit card may be requested at the time of your arrival to ensure payment of balance due. Credit card information is maintained by the owner for the calendar year, and is destroyed at the end of the year from the rental file. Please request the removal of your information from the file at your departure if you want it removed immediately. We do require that should you want the information destroyed at your departure, we will inspect the premises prior to your departure to ensure that there is no damage prior to elimination of credit card information.

E-Mail Addresses, Home Addresses and Phone Numbers
E-mail addresses, addresses and phone numbers are maintained for the purpose of contacting you and sending you information. Occasionally we send out news letters or specials using the e-mail addresses. Your contact information will not be distributed or sold to anyone not associated with our business.

Check-in and Check-out Times
Check-in time is 3:30 Eastern time, no early check-ins are allowed without written permission from the Owner or Manager Check-out time is 11:00 am Eastern time, and no late check-out is allowed without written permission from the Owner or Manager (a fee may be assessed for a late check-out)

A deposit of $300.00 is required to reserve the rental house at Stahl’s Farm Vacations. This deposit is collected in advance, but is a part of the overall cost of your stay. A refund of the deposit, minus a $25.00 rebooking (advertising) fee, should be expected if you cancel at least 30 days prior to your arrival. Cancellation later than the 30 days prior will result in the forfeiture of the deposit. At the discretion of the owner, other agreements may be made – and will be made in writing.

Pet Fees
Pet fees are charged at the discretion of the owner – and will be charged on a per animal basis (unless waived by the owner). Each dog, cat or other pet may be charged a $25.00 fee. An additional fee of $25.00 will be assessed if you arrive with a pet, and do not notify the owner prior to your arrival. Pet fees are charged for additional cleaning and maintenance services that may be required to keep the house in acceptable condition.

Lodging Cost, State and Local Taxes
Lodging cost is based upon head-count. Standard pricing is $300.00 per night for 4-6 people with children under 6 staying for free. Additional people over 6 persons will be charged a per-person, per night additional $25.00. Your total cost for your reserved stay will be quoted to you prior to your payment of a deposit. Upon your arrival for your reserved stay, your total balance is due. Failure to provide your balance upon arrival may result in your being turned away without recompense.

While the house is set up with sleeping arrangements for 13 people, there may be additional people allowed at the discretion of the owner. Additional people will provide their own sleeping apparatuses such as an air mattress and will be charged according to the above rates. People who do not disclose the number of overnight guests may be refused rental in the future.

We are a NON-SMOKING Establishment
Ohio recently passed a non-smoking ordinance for all public places. Since the house is a short term rental, it is considered to be a public location. NO smoking is allowed within the building. You are also expected to pick up any cigarette butts or matches, and properly dispose of them in the receptacles provided (trash cans or fireplace).

Expectations Upon Departure
  • We expect all used towels will be removed from bathrooms and placed on the floor in the utility room (near the washing machine).
  • Discard all opened food and food containers
  • Wipe all counters and eating surfaces
  • Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink or on kitchen/ dining surfaces. Load the dishwasher, and start the wash cycle.
  • Pick up all loosely discarded objects (don’t leave things on dressers or in the bathrooms that you’ve discarded).
  • Pick up trash from all rooms, consolidate in large black plastic bags and place in the garage in the metal trash cans provided (or in the manure spreader – to avoid encouraging wildlife to get into “smelly” trash)
  • Pick up discarded cigarette butts from the drive, the lawn or other areas, and discard in the trash
  • Should you have a pet on the premises, please pick up excrement from the immediate front and back yards and discard in plastic bags within the provided trash receptacles
We reserve the right to charge up to $100.00 in cleaning fees if the above list isn't completed by check out time. Should you wish to, you can have us come do an inspection prior to your departure, wherein we will provide you a receipt showing no cleaning fee required.

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